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Our TraiLers

Ready-made trailers in stock! Check out what's available 


Road Train

Whether it's for the highway or heavy duty off-road, we can build to tandem and tri-axle configurations. 

Tri B Doubles

Enquire for more details.

5 Star Side Tipper 19m B Doubles

19m B Doubles

Make it extra tough with our B Double Trailers. With over 50 years experience across engineering, designing and manufacturing - we'll get you where you need to go. 

5 Star Side Tippers

Door and Doorless

Whatever you are moving, we'll build you a trailer that'll last. Choose from door and doorless builds, or let us help you create the trailer you need to get the job done.

5 Star Side Tippers replacement bodies.jpg

Replacement Bodies

Don't start from scratch - update and upgrade your existing trailer bodies, custom made to your trailer. 

5 Star Side Tippers.jpg


Need a trailer made to spec? We offer made to order manufacturing for all your haulage requirements. 

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